Pharmacy Services

Blister Packs

Managing multiple medications a day can be a challenge. 

Our blister packaging service is a great way to manage your medications, track refills, and take the stress out of managing your health.

For only $5 a month, you can ensure that you're taking your medication correctly. Ask your Paramount pharmacist about how blister packs can help you manage your health.

Medication Reviews
Paramount Pharmasave pharmacists are able to meet with you directly to ensure you understand your medications and are getting the most from them. We will assess your medications to ensure they are right for you and that you are taking them at the correct time to avoid risk of complications. This opportunity will allow us to answer any questions you may have and offer solutions to problems you may be facing with your medication therapy.


Vaccination Services
All of our pharmacists at Paramount Pharmacies are certified to administer flu vaccines, travel vaccines, and other vaccines including the shingles vaccine and HPV vaccine. Please call any of our 5 locations to book your appointment. 

Minor Ailments
Our pharmacists can assess and prescribe for a variety of minor ailments. A minor ailment is a condition that is often short term, does not require lab or blood tests and can be managed with minimal treatment. Examples of common minor ailments our pharmacists can assess and prescribe for include cold sores, allergic rhinitis and rash. 


Diabetes Education
Paramount Pharmacies offers one on one consultations with a Certified Diabetes Educator. This is a great opportunity to discuss advice for newly diagnosed patients, managing diabetes when ill, starting insulin therapy and managing diabetes medications.